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Mittwoch, 30 Aug. >> Roland Satterwhite Freestylin’ Violine
Donnerstag, 31 Aug. >> Abisko Lights
Freitag, 01 Sep. >> Lanzoni / Bondarev / Spallati / Alunni
Samstag, 02 Sep. >> Doron Segal Trio

Mittwoch, 30 Aug.
Roland Satterwhite Freestylin’ Violine

Roland Satterwhite – Violin, Viola, Guitar, Gesang

Roland Satterwhite is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and videographer who has lived in Berlin since 2008, when he moved from New York City. Aside from playing violin and singing in the popular Berlin Balkan swing band Django Lassi, he leads his own trance blues/rock band Tolyqyn and continues to develop and experiment as a solo performer, as well as to collaborate in other projects.

Donnerstag, 31 Aug.
Abisko Lights

Dirk Flatau – piano
Hannes Daerr – bass clarinet
Tabea Schrenk – cello
Benni Wellenbeck – drums
Thomas Kolarczyk – bass

(English Version below)
Fernab des Mainstreams streunen die Abisko Lights zwischen den musikalischen Welten und erzählen Geschichten von unterwegs, die seltsam fremd und vertraut zugleich klingen. Inspiriert von Nordlichtern und Wüstensonne, Großstadtlärm und unendlichen skandinavischen Weiten entsteht Musik, die der Phantasie Raum gibt; akustisch, eigensinnig und verspielt, Grüße aus dem Niemandsland zwischen Kammermusik, Jazz, Soundtrack und orientalischer Folklore.

„Die Nordlichter sind ein faszinierendes Schauspiel und ziehen jeden in seinen Bann, der sie einmal gesehen hat. Besonders hell und schön leuchten sie in der Winterzeit über einem kleinen Ort im schwedischen Lappland, 195 km nördlich des Polarkreises, namens Abisko.“
(Abisko Turiststation)

Inspired by Northern Lights and endless Scandinavian landscapes, the Abisko Lights present a mixture of acoustic, contemporary jazz, chamber music, pop and oriental folklore in a unique instrumentation.
Between clear melodic lines, delicate rhythm patterns and wide sound planes, the Berlin based quintet gives rise to a diverse, surprising and transparent bandsound.

„Abisko is a small village in Swedish Lapland, 195 km north of the polar circle, known for its clear skies. If you take a trip to Abisko in wintertime, you get a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights blazing across the Arctic sky.” (Abisko Turiststation)

Freitag, 01 Sep.
Alessandro Lanzoni Quartet

Alessandro Lanzoni – Piano
Alessandro Presti – Trumpet
Igor Spallati – Bass
Ugo Alunni – Drums

Original compositions and classics from the jazz tradition.

Samstag, 02 Sep.
Doron Segal Trio

Doron Segal – Piano
Tom Berkmann – Bass
Manuel Podhostnik – Drums

Doron Segal was seven years old when he started taking piano playing lessons at the conservatory of the city of Karmiel in northern Israel. At the Conservatory, he spent nine years studying classical piano playing. Then, at the age of sixteen, he was introduced to jazz music by his brother who gave him recordings of jazz music played by Michel Petrucciani, Chick Corea, and Oscar Peterson.

He became fascinated by the sound and atmosphere of jazz music and began playing in jazz and rock groups. In the years that followed, he played jazz music in various projects, competitions, and bands in Israel.
At the age of twenty-one, Doron started studying at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem, majoring in Jazz Piano- Studying with Avi Adrian and Yuval Cohen. Towards his graduation, Doron was awarded a scholarship of excellence from The Israeli Union of Performing Artists.

At the end of 2014, Doron moved to Berlin In order to form his own trio, and became a part of the Berlin music scene, participating in different projects and working with many local and international artists, and playing in Berlin as well as in other European cities including Geneva , Rome , Bucharest and more.
Towards the end of 2016, Doron recorded his debut E.P. with his trio, which consisted of his own compositions and arrangements. Doron Segal’s trio music is Influenced by many genres including jazz, Israeli music, classical music, rock and more. It consists of personal melodies, rich rhythms and a variety of emotions. The trio is due to record in 2017, stay tuned!