Donaustrasse 115, Berlin 12043 ... Öffnungszeiten: 19:30-0?:00

DIESE WOCHE: 18. – 22. APRIL 2018

Mittwoch, 18. April


James Banner ‘Wood and Guts’ Trio

Playing new original music by Elias and James.

Elias Stemeseder – Acoustic Wooden Piano
James Banner – Acoustic Wooden Double Bass with Guts
Ugo Alunni – Acoustic Wooden Percussion

Donnerstag, 19. April

For this series i’m inviting varying musicians from the (mainly) Berlin jazz scene for playing either free improvisations, tunes written by me or by my guests, originals by other musicians or even just olden but golden standards which will be interpreted in the way the atmosphere of the evening requires.

Each concert should be a unique get-together, where everyone incorporates their voice into an overall structure and lets the music happen.

Line-up for the next concert:

1. Set
“Fearless Trio” (music by Johannes Ludwig)

Johannes Ludwig – Sax
Ludwig Hornung – Piano
Fabian Arends – Drums

2. Set
“Doubtless Quartet” (music by me and others)

Johannes Ludwig – Sax
Ludwig Hornung – Piano
Johannes Felscher – Bass
Fabian Arends – Drums

Freitag, 20. April

Dear music lovers,

each concert of my series i’m trying bring a new lineup of musicians to the great Donau115. This time i want to surprise you and it’s time to celebrate!
If you are curious about the lineup or just want to have a couple of drinks with us, write it in your books, this evening will be a lot of fun!

We are looking forward to see you!

Donau Conversations is a monthly concert series presented by Berlin-based drummer Mathias Ruppnig. Each event will feature groups of varying styles and personnel, performing jazz standards, original music or free improvisation.

“For me, Donau115 is a place that allows new musical and personal friendships to form, as well as a place to experiment with innovative musical concepts in front of a respectful and attentive audience.“

Samstag, 21. April

Practically Married #3 : Monogomy

Declan Forde – Piano
James Banner – Bass

James and Declan have been ‘Practically Married’ since April 2015, a name proudly awarded to them due to their ability to spend time together almost every day with only a few frustrations, and the fact that they play almost every concert together. To honour this special relationship, in 2018 they are excited to be curating and performing a monthly concert series at Donau115: ‘Practically Married’. (plus special guests, because sometimes things just need spicing up…).

After two months of larger groups, and many more organised for the coming months, this installment will be a monogamous performance.

Sonntag, 22. April

Donau is proud to present a rare close-up concert with Berlin’s own Bulgarian women’s choir, directed by the formidable Boryana Velichkova.

Visceral and enchanting, these songs of love, loss, homesickness, the charm of nature, the harvest, the village life, being human, virgins and grandmas are ancient compositions with startlingly modern harmonic elements.

Bulgarian folk song with its captivating melodies and fascinating rhythms leaves a deep, powerful impression. The sound is full of expression – rich in emotions and passion. The songs reflect a country on the edge of Europe where steep mountains meet the Black Sea, where the golden domes of monasteries jut out of the woods, and valleys, rivers and villages have been the scene of dramatic history and moving fates for centuries.

Primarily Bulgarian, the choir also has members from different countries, including Germany, Latvia, Russia, Australia and Romania.


TINCTURES feat. Carola Ortiz

Tinctures is a duo based out of Bangalore and Berlin, featuring Aman Mahajan on piano and Nishad Pandey with tinctures of jazz, Western and Indian classical music, and contemporary influences. For this special performance they will be joined by the versatile and talented singer and clarinettist, Carola Ortiz. They will perform an improvised set.

Aman Mahajan is an Indian pianist, composer and improviser. Having associated with musicians of a plethora of nationalities and musical backgrounds, his work is influenced by traditional and contemporary styles from around the world, and deeply inspired by a sense of unity and connection. Mahajan is presently based out of Bangalore, where he works on original music projects and teaches piano. He is currently active with piano-guitar duo, Tinctures, and is also a returning faculty member at the Global Music Institute, Greater Noida.
Guitarist Nishad Pandey was born in India and spent extended periods of time living in Japan, UK, USA, and Australia. His nomadic existence exposed Nishad to musical and cultural forms from across the globe. Between 2011-17, Nishad was based in Kolkata, studying under renowned Indian Classical slide guitarist Pt. Debashish Bhattacharya, composing original music and performing widely. Now based in Berlin, he works as a freelance guitarist, composer and teacher and frequently collaborates with musicians from around the world. He also remotely curates events for Depot48, an independent music venue in Delhi.
Singer, clarinetist and composer Carola Ortiz is a restless and multifaceted artist, who moves naturally among musical spheres, effortlessly connecting them. Born in Terrassa in 1986, a city linked to jazz, her mother was involved in the theatre world and her father was a regular bass player at the legendary club Nova Jazz Cava. It was there that she got the chance to hear live international jazz stars from a very young age. Carola Ortiz has participated in the recordings of more than twenty albums of different genres, including jazz, pop, rock, world, hindustani music, flamenco and experimental. She has also played with hundreds of musicians from her own country and from all over the world. During a long stay in New York City, she co-formed a group with original songs and was invited to play by The Groove Collective and The Mingus Orchestra in clubs such as Nublu and The Jazz Standard. During her recent stay in India, she has recorded on next album of grammy nominated classical hindustani player Debashish Bhattacharya. She has also traveled and performed in different international festivals in Spain, UK, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Colombia, Poland, Hungary and Algeria.