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DIESE WOCHE: 25-28 Juli, 2018

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Mittwoch, 25 Juli >> Mishka Adams & Beto <– HEUTE!
Donnerstag, 26 Juli >> Repeti-Repeti-Repetition (Tom Dayan and Julius Heise)
Freitag, 27 Juli >> Devin Gray’s Keep It 101
Samstag, 28 Juli >> Practically Maried #6: “What Is Yorkshire?”
Dienstag, 31 Juli >> Stylish Nonsense (noise aus Thailand!)

Mittwoch, 25 Juli
Mishka Adams & Beto

Sparked by a mutual love of Brazilian music that led to a transatlantic collaboration between London and Buenos Aires, the duo of Beto and Mishka has its musical roots firmly planted in South America’s Afro-Latin rhythmic traditions. Their sound stretches from the African influenced Baião of northeastern Brazil, south through the jazzy harmonies of samba and bossa nova from Rio, down into the earthy beats of Uruguayan candombe, and arriving finally at the dancing rhythms of the chacarera and milonga of Argentina.

Their compositions emerge from this melting pot of rhythms, and take the listener on a journey through South America in four diverse languages – Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Tagalog (Filipino) – Mishka’s mother tongue. The combination of guitar, handheld percussion and intricate vocal harmonies bring an intimate experience of story and song, tradition and innovation, and love across continents.

Chacarera de María

– Chacarera: a traditional dance rhythm from Argentina –


– Samba: the flavour of Rio de Janeiro –

La cuerda

– Milonga from the heart of Buenos Aires –

“She is a songwriter’s dream – a great understanding of text, and, quite simply, one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard”
Pete Churchill, Professor of Jazz at the Royal Academy of Music, London

“I´ve been listening to Beto Caletti´s music for a while and I´ve become a fan of his. He is an extraordinary and highly talented musician.When he walks the path of his Brazilian influences he sounds Brazilian and even better than many Brazilian musicians of great fame here in Brazil.”
Ivan Lins, multi Grammy Award-winning musician

“Refreshingly unpretentious and just plain talented”
Time Out London

Beto, from Argentina, has performed on stages all over the world, such as the Montreux Jazz Festival and festivals in Japan, working with artists such as Ivan Lins and Roberto Menescal. He is a renowned composer, performer and educator of South American music, having written three books on the subject and given workshops all over South America and Japan. Mishka, from Manila, Philippines made a name for herself on the Jazz and Brazilian music scenes in both London and her hometown of Manila, as well as touring worldwide. To date they have released multiple albums on Candid Records, Fonarte and Inpartmaint(JP). They divide their time between Buenos Aires and London.

Donnerstag, 26 Juli
Repeti-Repeti-Repetition (Tom Dayan and Julius Heise)

Julius Heise – Vibraphon
Tom Dayan – Schlagzeug

Inspired by the circle of life – the never ending up and down / high and low / bright and dark we all know or will get to know – that after a while we can recognize as the repetitive thing it naturally has to be, Repeti-Repeti-Repetition plays for you fancy musical perpetuums that just as naturally bring you the truth and meaning you were always (or will soon be) looking for under your bed / behind your laptop screen / in your social relationships BUT never ever have been able to really successfully find – until today, when you finally listen to the relentless repetitions of Repeti-Repeti-Repetition’s acoustic & electronic soundscapes & grooves, get the chance to grab that meaning-of-life-piece of yours, consume it and take it home in your mind and heart and soul and your mind and heart and sould and your mind and heart and.

Freitag, 27 Juli
Devin Gray’s Keep It 101

Devin Gray’s Keep it 101

Guitar: Ronny Graupe
Guitar: Jasper Stadhouders
Bass: Antonio Borghini
Drums: DG
-> Special guest: Laura Schuler – Violin

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There are times when music lovers can just feel a talent coming into his or her own, when that artist is someone to catch onstage or on record at every opportunity.

NYC Drummer-composer Devin Gray is on the cusp of such a moment. The U.K.’s Jazzwise magazine described him as a “musician-drummer rather than a drummer-drummer,” adding: “Gray is interested in making music that is deeply evocative… shaped by a fizzing, often restless push-pull energy.”
The Free Jazz blog praised the band’s 2012 album, the eponymous Dirigo Rataplan, as “intelligent without becoming intellectual or cerebral: This music is all about soul, with technical skills and finesse fully at the service of the end result, full of surprises, emotion and a deep-rooted sense of pulse. One of the best debut albums in years.”

Fans of jazz from Ornette Coleman to Craig Taborn will dig this – music in touch with tradition even as it resonates fully in the moment. — Bradley Bambarger

Samstag, 28 Juli
Practically Maried #6: “What Is Yorkshire?”

Practically Married #6: What is Yorkshire?

This month features two of the greatest Jazz musicians in the whole of Yorkshire; Will Howard and Jordan Dinsdale.

Declan Forde – Piano
James Banner – Double Bass
Will Howard – Tenor Saxophone
Jordan Dinsdale – Drums

James and Declan have been ‘Practically Married’ since April 2015, a name proudly awarded to them due to their ability to spend time together almost every day with only minor frustrations, and the fact that they play almost every concert together.

Since 2015 they have collaborated with Vilde&Inga, Tobias Delius, John Hollenbeck, Max Andrzejewski, João Lopes Pereira, Eric Vaughn and many more, and have become a regular fixture on the Berlin swing dance scene, performing with Ugo Alunni, Eldar Tsalikov, Charles Fréchette and Dima Bondarev. Associated acts include the award-winning Rachel Sermanni, jazz trio The Good Old Good Ones with Mirna Bogdanović and improv-trio FROG with Fabiana Striffler.

From 2018 they curate and perform a monthly concert series at the very special place where their relationship originally bloomed – Donau115! Since the honeymoon phase is over, each month in 2018 will feature a different special guest to spice things up. Come one come all!

Dienstag, 31 Juli
Stylish Nonsense (acoustic noise aus Thailand!)

Stylish Nonsense is a transcendentally odd Thai noise pop duo. They’ll be stopping by Donau115 on their EU tour for an evening of thrilling, other-worldly improvised acoustic music.


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