Donaustrasse 115, Berlin 12043 ... Öffnungszeiten: 19:30-0?:00

DIESE WOCHE: 8-11 August 2018


Mittwoch, 08 Aug. >> Greg Cohen and Declan Forde <– HEUTE!
Donnerstag, 09 Aug. >> Naomi Jean Presents AO
Freitag, 10 Aug. >> OKO
Samstag, 11 Aug. >> R O S E M A R I N E

Mittwoch, 08 Aug.
Greg Cohen and Declan Forde

‘Unknown Ellington’

Greg Cohen – Bass
Declan Forde – Piano

In this duo bassist Greg Cohen and pianist Declan Forde explore the music of Duke Ellington.

…curiously enough, for this concert we will play no Ellington. Just some Good Old Good Ones. SURPRISE!


Donnerstag, 09 Aug.
Naomi Jean Presents AO

Naomi Jean – Vocals, Flute, percussion!
Nina Hynes – Vocals and Magic!
Carola Ortiz – Vocals and Clarinet!
Andreas Bonkowski – Bass!
Tomi Simatupang – Guitar!
Sinead Bermingham – harp!
Aine Fujioka – Drums!

and very special guests…

Alice Orchestra is a musical mothership on a mission to open portals and uplift the vibration. Sonic architect Naomi Jean’s unique breed of experimental exotica attracts adventurous collaborators from around the globe, and the AO sound evolves at every port of call.

Serpentine melodies inspired by Ethio-jazz merge with Celtic airs. Modal motifs from the Far East form hypnotic riverbeds to be engulfed by waves of polyrhythmic delirium.

AO is essentially a shapeshifting ensemble that weaves outernational vibrations with a jazz ethos. Artful juxtapositions of pop-mantra, spacious ambience and propulsive beats characterize their playground experimentalism.

Freitag, 10 Aug.

Petra Nachtmanova
Moss Beynon-Juckes
Emma Greenfield

The Berlin based trio combines diverse musical backgrounds with songs inspired by the ancient polyphony from around the Black Sea. The music is centred around the merging of the three female voices, which draw in both traditional harmonies and avant garde composition.

You can hear musical influences from Turkish traditional, English freak folk, Georgian and Bulgarian choral music to progressive rock and Russian disco. OKO uses a multi-instrumental set up including electric guitar, saz and violin, together with synths, loop station and electronic soundscapes.



Samstag, 11 Aug.

Mia Knop Jacobsen – vocal/keys

Igor Osypov – guitar (

Philip Dornbusch – drums/pads

It´s those trashy, grungy vibes combined with electronic sounds of tomorrow, framed by outstanding songwriting of highly acclaimed musicians that makes this band an experience in itself. Formed in 2017, R O S E M A R I N E is about to drop their first EP with a collection of original songs. It´s an artistic statement, a sonical trip, a smack in the face, a recreation of a musical identity that sets the band up into a new artistic journey where a sensitivity for clear pictures goes hand in hand with powerful soundscape and a deep connection to their musical roots.

Mittwoch, 08 Aug. >> Greg Cohen and Declan Forde
Donnerstag, 09 Aug. >> Naomi Jean Presents AO
Freitag, 10 Aug. >> OKO
Samstag, 11 Aug. >> R O S E M A R I N E
Mittwoch, 15 Aug. >>  Two Solo Shows
Donnerstag, 16 Aug. >> Julian Erdem Trio
Freitag, 17 Aug. >> Olga Amelchenko Quartet
Samstag, 18 Aug. >> Jazz Bewegt // Vorwärts/Rückwärts
Sonntag, 19 Aug. >> Interbellum
Dienstag, 21 Aug >> Hans Bilger
Mittwoch, 22 Aug. >> Pauline Peek
Donnerstag, 23 Aug. >> Johannes von Ballestrem Standards Trio
Freitag, 24 Aug. >> Lukas Akintaya & Guests Lukas Akintaya & Guests
Samstag, 25 Aug. >> Hornung Sessions w/ Mahall / Fink / Leipnitz
Mittwoch, 29 Aug. >> Cansu Tanrikulu & Guzests
Donnerstag, 30 Aug. >> ERB Trio
Freitag, 31 Aug. >> Charlottes clandestine Zauberkiste
Samstag, 01 Sep. >> Donau Conversations
Freitag, 07 Sep. >> Karl Ivar Reffseth Duo
Mittwoch, 12 Sep. >> BiWald