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Di, 24. September Askers Dodge
Mi, 25. September Muted – An evening hosted by Tobias Christl
Do, 26. September Ludescher/Gawlik/Adomeit/Huber
Fr, 27. September Otto Hirte Septett
Sa, 28. September Bernhard Meyer

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Di, 24. September
Askers Dodge

Askers Dodge
Support: ‘The Romantidote’

Greg Thompson (Vocals Guitar), Domenica Iturralde (Bass/Keys), Ettore Carcano (Drums), Josh McEwen (Guitar)
lineup Romantidote : Calum Bolland (Vocals Guitar)

Britain, France Italy and Ecuador, an alliance of nationalities which have come together to give Berlin its newest reason to tear the walls down. Askers Dodge is a blistering 4-piece indie band from Berlin, kindling shades of Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Black Sabbath. Shows are frequent and energetic, full of witty lyrics, thick guitar and emotional theatre. All held up by a dancey rhythmic engine room, Askers Dodge is capable of turning every night into a Saturday night. On this special acoustic night, they strip their set back to the essentials and invite the audience to view them in an intimate new setting.



Mi, 25. September
Muted – An evening hosted by Tobias Christl

An evening hosted by Tobias Christl
#2 Songs about COLOURS

Tobias Christl (voc)
Natalia Mateo (voc)
Christoph Bernewitz (git)
Taylor Savvy (b)


Do, 26. September

Bernhard Ludescher – piano/synth
Julius Gawlik – tenor sax
Matt Adomeit – bass
David Huber – drums

The group Ludescher/Gawlik/Adomeit/Huber consists of four Berlin based musicians who are coming together for the first time in this constellation. Living in Berlin as a musician is a delightful experience because the scene in jazz remains fresh and open. All 4 of those incredible musicians have played countless gigs and sessions in and around Berlin with one another in different constellations. Therefore it is a very special occasion to see them all in one place for this concert. They will play a fine array of well selected original compositions that will gain new colors and shapes through the interpretation of this unique musicians. Allthough all of the musicians come from a traditional jazz background, the compositions will shed light on every aspect of the musical spectrum and genres, striving for the unexpected.

Some Details on the individual musicians.

Bernhard Ludescher has established a lot of different projects in Austria with the main project being Loktor and also started to work as a producer for various artists such as Maria Rerych (aka Mareea) which resulted in the CD release of her debut album „Out of the Shadows“ in 2018. Bernhard’s band Loktor was founded in 2013 and released their debut CD „Loktor of Heaven“ in 2015, plus a series of videos which lead to concerts all over Europe. Loktor won the Joe Zawinul Award soon after the initiation in 2014. While continuing to work as a live pianist and keyboarder for several jazz and funk based projects he founded the electronic Project „DX-Digital“ in 2018 to continue pursuing a more electronic approach to music. After living in Vienna and Graz, Bernhard moved to Berlin in 2016, where he quickly established to be a well sought pianist/keyboardist in many jazz/funk and pop projects.

Julius Gawlik is a saxophonist and clarinetist currently studying at the Jazz Institute Berlin. Until 2018, he was a member of the german national youth jazz orchestra. Julius has shared the Stage with musicians such as Terell Stafford, Niels Klein, Randy Brecker and Sebastian Sternal. In 2014 he was awarded an “outstanding soloist scholarship” at Temple University Philadelphia. Currently he appears on the Berlin music scene both as a leader and a sideman with various bands and projects.

Matt Adomeit is an American bassist and composer, as well as an occasional American mandolinist and guitarist, currently based in Berlin Germany. His musical sensibilities spring from the fountains of bluegrass, wind down the narrow streams of classical music, and with a few deviations finally cascade into the deep pool of jazz music. Matt is active as both a sideman and a bandleader and can regularly be seen performing across Europe and occasionally in far-flung regions such as Nepal or the United States with bands including Steel Sheep, Hover Trout, Mn’Jam Experiment, Native Speaker, and more.

David Huber is a young drummer raised in Stockholm, now located in Berlin where he can be seen in many different music scenes. Coming from years of jazz studies, David is now exploring the different ways to play music and alternative approaches to improvisation. David has been playing all over the world and won with his band the “Swedish Jazz Final” 2016. He is spread all over Europe by being a part of different kinds of band constellations which of he regularly performs with. Being a composer, bandleader and sideman.



Fr, 27. September
Otto Hirte Septett

Otto Hirte – Alto Sax, Alto clarinet
Julius Gawlik – Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Viktor Wolf – baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet
Johannes Böhmer – Trompete, Flugelhorn
Johannes Lauer – Posaune
Tom Berkmann – Kontrabass
Philip Dornbusch – Drums

Mit einem roten Faden, der sich durch das Konzert zieht, schafft das Ensemble eine Verbindung von neu gestalteten Klassikern des Jazz und eigens für diese Besetzung geschriebenen Kompositionen des Bandleaders. Die Orchestrierung mit fünf Bläsern, Schlagzeug und Kontrabass unterstützt die spezielle Herangehensweise an die Werke mit ihrem besonderen Klang.


Sa, 28. September
Bernhard Meyer

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Di, 10. September Tal Yadin – Solo
Mi, 11. September Stereo Heart
Do, 12. September Donau Conversations feat. Tom Berkmann’s Side Effect 
Fr, 13. September Five is Life
Sa, 14. September Fynn Großmann Quintett

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Di, 10. September
Tal Yadin – Solo

Tal Yadin – Electric Guitar & Effects

An intimate solo concert of guitarist Tal Yadin with original music from his debut album In & Out (and more!)


Mi, 11. September
Stereo Heart

Greg Cohen – bass (USA)
Fabiana Striffler – violin (DE)
>>Together with<<
Declan Forde – piano (UK)
Dima Bondarev – trumpet (UKR)

“And now Something Completely Different “, as Monty Pythons used to say. I didn’t quote that without reason however. The mix of gags, skills, techniques and endless looking for a way to expand self-expression results it creating recording which challenges the listener by constant shift of gears and moods. (HIFI Critic)

The Duo was born in 2010 and the two have maintained a musical collaboration and a close friendship ever since their arrival in Berlin.
Guests that night will be the wonderful pianist Declan Forde from Scotland and his colleague Dima Bondarev on trumpet.

This night is dedicated to the beautiful compositions written by Irving Berlin, that the quartet will perform again on the 19th september at the Konzerthaus Berlin.

This will be the X´th night of their concert series “STEREO HEART” at their beloved Donau115.


Do, 12. September
Donau Conversations feat. Tom Berkmann’s Side Effect 

Donau Conversations feat. Tom Berkmann’s Side Effect

Shems Bendali – trumpet
Toms Rudzinskis – alto sax
Simon Seidl – piano
Tom Berkmann – bass
Mathias Ruppnig – drums

Donau Conversations is a monthly concert series presented by Berlin-based drummer Mathias Ruppnig. Each event will feature groups of varying styles and personnel, performing jazz standards, original music or free improvisation.

“For me, Donau115 is a place that allows new musical and personal friendships to form, as well as a place to experiment with innovative musical concepts in front of a respectful and attentive audience.“


Fr, 13. September
Five is Life


Arne Braun Guitar, FX
Luca Aaron Guitar, Electronics
Povel Widestrand, Synth
Felix Henkelhausen, Double Bass
Ludwig Wandinger Drums, Electronics, Comp.

-> “Five is Life” play music inspired by postmillenial laptop production concepts and torrential contemporary artforms.


Sa, 14. September
Fynn Großmann Quintett

Fynn Großmann – Altsax/Oboe
Phillip Dornbusch – Tenorsax/Clarinet
Marko Djurdjevic – Piano
Johannes Metzger – Drums
Clara Däubler – Kontrabass

Beim Fynn Großmann Quintett kommt eine sehr unverstellte Emotionalität mit einem geradezu pedantischen Sinn für strukturelle und klangliche Klarheit zusammen. Unter Verzicht auf technische Spielereien entfalten die fünf Musiker im Zusammenspiel eine Soundpalette, die von intimen kammermusikalischen Eindrücken bis zur explosiven Anmutung von Bigband reicht. Jeder Klang, jede Harmonie und Melodie, jede rhythmische Verdichtung ist der verschwenderischen Vielfalt des Lebens abgelauscht. Diese Songs haben sich über Jahre angestaut, jetzt brechen sie heraus wie das Aprilgrün nach einem langen Winter.
Das Quintett setzt sich aus fünf MusikerInnen zusammen, die im Dreick Hamburg-Berlin-Hannover aktiv sind. Saxofonist Phillip Dornbusch, Pianist Marko Djurdjevic, Bassistin Clara Däubler, Drummer Johannes Metzger und nicht zuletzt Großmann selbst schicken sich gerade erst an, die Notenblätter ihres Lebens zu füllen. Gemeinsam werden die fünf Durchstarter durch eine Kombination aus heiterer Gelassenheit und barrierefreier Neugier geleitet, die sich unschwer erkennbar auf die Musik überträgt.

Nils Wogram, auf dessen Label „nWog Records“ das erste Album des Fynn Großmann Quintetts im Herbst erscheinen wird, sagt über die Band: „Irgendwie kann Fynn unverkrampft mit Vorbildern umgehen und auf einem hohen kompositorischen wie auch spielerischen Level eine sehr individuelle Sprache in seine Musik bringen. Die Band strahlt zudem eine unheimliche Spielfreude aus und repräsentiert für mich eine neue Generation von JazzmusikerInnen in Deutschland – instrumental sehr gut ausgebildet und mit kompositorischer Fantasie, Gespür für Dramaturgie und Experimentierfreude.”


Di, 3. September Donauwelle Stand-Up Comedy
Mi, 4. September Ganna Solo
Do, 5. September Andi Haberl meets
Fr, 6. September Manko feat. Otis Sandsjö
Sa, 7. September Markus Ehrlichs Flexible Eingreiftruppe – “The Major Minors“

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Di, 3. September
Donauwelle Stand-Up Comedy

Die alternative Comedy-Szene in Berlin boomt und bringt großartige junge Comedians hervor. “Donauwelle” ist ein Stand-up Open Mic auf Deutsch, bei dem ihr 8-10 Comedians beim Ausprobieren und Feilen an ihren Sets zusehen könnt. In der chilligen Atmosphäre der Jazz-Bar hört ihr also Witze zum ersten Mal – und vielleicht auch zum letzen.

Kommt zum Lachen, Weinen, Trinken und erlebt Live-Comedy am Puls der Zeit. Moderiert wird das Spektakel von Doro Fesel und maja_sonneunso. Wir freuen uns auf euch!

Beginn: 21 Uhr
Ende: 23 Uhr

Eintritt frei – Spende erwünscht

Comedians: Einfach Spot posten, das Line-up wird wenige Tage vor der Veranstaltung veröffentlicht


Mi, 4. September
Ganna Solo

Ganna Gryniva – Voice, Loops, Effects
special guest Joe Smith on Drums

With roots in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Germany, the Berlin-based vocalist, composer and bandleader Ganna aims to combine various musical worlds, from jazz to folklore music.
G A N N A Solo brings authentic Eastern Music traditions with the purpose of shaping them into contemporary concepts. Starting with one simple line, G A N N A layers her musical ideas to create a space filled with unexpected harmonies, rhythms and a genuine atmospheres. All with voice and looper. Handcrafted and live.


Ganna is touring extensively in Germany and abroad with her solo program for loops and voice, performing contemporary arrangements of original folk songs she has collected on her travels through the Ukrainian countryside.
Ganna performs regularly with a variety of ensembles and her own groups, such as the contemporary jazz quintet G A N N A which features up-and-coming musicians of the European Jazz scene. In January 2020, G A N N A is releasing the new album DYKI LYS („Wild Fox“ in Ukrainian). Various musical collaborations have led Ganna to tours in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Greece, Polen, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Hungary and others.
Besides all of the above activities, Ganna is currently doing her BA in Improvised Voice at the Music Conservatory Franz Liszt in Weimar, where she studies with Michael Schiefel, Jeff Cascaro and Frank Möbus.


Joe was born in Galesburg, Illinois, a small town west of Chicago. He studied Classical percussion and Jazz drumming at the Cincinnati Conservatory, the Manhattan School of Music and privately with Vernel Fournier, Jimmy Lovelace, John Von Olen, John Riley and Jeff Williams. From 1991 until 2000, Joe lived in New York City playing with and learning from many of the best musicians the scene had to offer and formed his first group Initium Ensemble. After moving to Barcelona in 2000, he released two disc’s as a leader. Happy (2002) and Melodic Workshop (2004)(Fresh sound records) which features Bill McHenry, Gorka Benitez, Guillermo Klein, Chris Lightcap and Jorge Rossy. Joe has been a featured sideman on the recordings of John McNeil, Arthur Kell, Ryan Blotnick, Fredrik Carlquist, Brandon Miller and many others. He has toured extensively in Europe, the Americas, and the Scandinavian Countries. In 2008 he formed the Asociación Libre Orkesta, a free form Big Band which performs improvised music inspired by his poetry and projected Images. In the fall of 2011, he moved to Berlin taking part in the Deutsches Theater’s production of Shakespeare. Spiele für Mörder, Opfer und Sonstige, directed by Dimiter Gotscheff. He is currently playing as a sideman in the groups of Larry Porter, Johannes Lauer, Johannes Haage, Juan De Diego, Jaume Llombart, Alex Kozmidi, Kyra Garey and many more. He also leads his own group, Joe Smith’s Melodic Workshop and has a duo with Ganna Gryniva. In 2015 Joe published a collection of his short stories called “Nickels & Dimes and other Stories” Joe has over 20 years of professional teaching experience and is currently teaching at the Berlin/Brandenburg International School (BBIS) and privately at his studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin.


Do, 5. September
Andi Haberl meets

Weitere Infos zur Veranstaltung findet ihr zeitnah auf Facebook!


Fr, 6. September
Manko feat. Otis Sandsjö

Otis Sandsjö – Saxophon
Asger Uttrup Nissen – Saxophon
Alexander Rueß – Gitarre
Robert Lucaciu – Bass
Florian Lauer – Schlagzeug

Hören, sehen, spüren, was dem Moment noch fehlt – in diesem Sinne will das Quartett „Manko“ die Grenze zwischen Komposition und Improvisation miteinander erforschen und in Frage stellen.
Der Leipziger Bassist Robert Lucaciu und der Dresdner Schlagzeuger Florian Lauer haben mit Formationen wie dem Arne Jansen Trio, dem Eva Klesse Quartett oder Lammel/Lauer/Bornstein einen festen Platz in der deutschen Jazz-Szene. Gemeinsam begegnen sie dem dänischen Saxophonisten Asger Uttrup Nissen und dem Berliner Gitarristen Alexander Rueß.
Alex Rueß & Manko sind für den Jazz Baltica Award 2019 nominiert.


Sa, 7. September
Markus Ehrlichs Flexible Eingreiftruppe – “The Major Minors“

Florian Menzel – trp
Markus Ehrlich – sax
Christopher Colaço – pno
Tom Berkmann – bass
Philipp Schaeper – drums

Mit „The Major Minors“ präsentiert Markus Ehrlichs Flexible Eingreiftruppe ein weiteres hochkarätiges Jazz-Ensemble, das sich ganz dem ikonischen Sound von Trompete & Saxophon und Rhythmusgruppe verschrieben hat.

Schon bei ihrer ersten Begegnung im Jahr 2009 fanden „The Major Minors“ heraus, dass sie nicht nur auf der Bühne synchron ticken. Gemeinsame Auftritte brachten sie vor das große Publikum, die gemeinsamen Wurzeln im Jazz auf neue Pfade. Das Leben der Stadt musikalisch zu betrachten, ihre Stimmungen hörbar einzufangen und Geschichten ohne Worte zu erzählen, trug zu ihrer individuellen Tonfindung bei.

„The Major Minors“ schaffen eigenkomponierte Klänge zu Film- und Bühnenproduktionen, bestimmen bei Live-Auftritten landauf wie landab den Herzschlag ihres Publikums und interpretieren musikalische Standards.

Im Jahr 2013 wurden sie u.a. mit dem Deutschen Filmpreis für den Soundtrack zum Kinohit „Oh Boy“ ausgezeichnet. Seit Anfang 2017 entwickelt das dynamische Quintett ein neues Programm und gastiert regelmäßig im Berliner Jazz-Club „Donau115“ (“one of the best jazz clubs in Europe” – Adam McCulloch, The Guardian UK).