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Di, 26. November Two-Song Tuesday // OPEN MIC //
Mi, 27. November ONA vol. 10 – Gryniva / Satterwhite / Arditi
Do, 28. November Sun Ark at Donau115
Fr, 29. November Igor Osypov Quartet at Donau115

Sa, 30. November Alf Carlsson/Jiří Kotača Quartet at Donau115
So, 1. Dezember Stille Kammer #8: Sewing machines, psych folk, Britten folksongs

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Di, 26. November
Two-Song Tuesday // OPEN MIC //

///////////////////////////// TWO-SONG TUESDAY ////////////////////////////////
[sign up 19:00 // start 20:00]

Calling all songwriters!
Calling all composers and instrumentalists and synth wizards!
Calling all poets and writers and storytellers!

Do you have new solo or duo material you’re itching to present?
Join us for Donau115’s semi-regular open stage series, Two-Song Tuesdays.

Your set may include TWO SONGS or last TEN MINUTES.

“How do I get booked?”
Just show up // There is no pre-booking // Sign up opens at 19:00 (first come, first booked) // The first performer will begin at 20:00 // No soundcheck – so be ready: Slip on, blow minds, slip off.

“What can I play?”
This is entirely up to you. Out of respect for our neighbours:
You may NOT use loud percussion and loud bass-heavy signals into the PA.
You are welcome to use our backline, which includes: piano // generic vocal microphones // small PA, accepting guitar/XLR cables (NO RCA OR MINIJACK INPUTS, so if you need converters you’ll have to bring them.)


Mi, 27. November
ONA vol. 10 – Gryniva / Satterwhite / Arditi

Ganna Gryniva – voice, piano
Roland Satterwhite – violin, viola
Tal Arditi – guitar

Roland Satterwhite is an American Violinist/Violist and Singer. Since 2008 he has lived in Berlin. He performs with his trio, Tolyqyn, as well as many other musicians.

Tal Arditi (born in 1998) Guitarist and composer from Israel. Recognised as a young guitar prodigy , Tal started to study in the prestige ”Jazz institute” program, by ”Rimon Music University” when he was only 16. in the age of 18, he graduated from ”Rimon” successfully with a Jazz Diploma, and decided to move to Berlin. In Berlin he quickly became one of the most wanted players in the local and international Jazz scene.

With roots in Ukraine and Germany, the Berlin-based vocalist, composer and bandleader Ganna aims to combine various musical worlds, from jazz to folklore music. Ganna performs regularly with a variety of ensembles and her own groups, such as the contemporary jazz quintet G A N N A which features up-and-coming musicians of the European Jazz scene. In January 2020, G A N N A is releasing the new album DYKI LYS („Wild Fox“ in Ukrainian). Various musical collaborations have led Ganna to tours in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Greece, Polen, Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary and others.


Do, 28. November
Sun Ark at Donau115

Asger Nissen – Alto Saxophone�
Julius Gawlik – Tenor Saxophone�
Povel Widestrand – Piano & Synth�
Johannes Mann – Guitar
Roger Kintopf – Double Bass�
Felix Ambach – Drums

SUN ARK is a Berlin based Collective founded in December 2018 by Guitarist&Composer Johannes Mann.� The Band unites six international Musicians from Germany, Sweden and Denmark, who met in Berlin, while studying at the renowned Jazz Institute Berlin.�The Sextett’s Music consists of Eclectic Rhythms and complex Structures and Harmonies inspired by the young Berlin Jazz Scene as well as lyrical Melodies and soundscapes that remind of a nordic sound. Besides that, their Music draws Influence from all sorts of Places. Beats and Hip-Hop are as important to the Band’s Sound as the European Classical tradition, Brazilian Music or the Jazz History.�Individually the members of the Band are already some of the most in demand and sought after musicians of the young scene in Germany and Europe, but in SUN ARK they join forces to improvise and experiment collectively, to create a new and current Sound.����


Fr, 29. November
Igor Osypov Quartet at Donau115

Igor Osypov – guitar (UA)
Povel Widerstrand – keys (SWE)
Josh Ginsburg – bass (US)
Fabian Rösch – drums (DE)

Osypov is a guitarist with a fresh, complete concept. Sometimes his glistening notes fall like intermittent raindrops. The priority in Osypov’s band is the edgy treble-dominant group blend, but the melodies triggered vivid solos that never entirely separated themselves from the ensemble
– Thomas Conrad at All About Jazz

Igor Osypov was born in Ukraine in 1988. He started playing guitar at the age of 10 and as a child was really into rock music, but at some point turned his way to jazz, and this passion still leads in his musical world. He was active on both Ukrainian and Russian jazz scenes, taking part in major jazz events there and making concert tours through Ukraine and Russia.
Igor’s original compositions not only draw inspiration from the Jazz idiom, but other genres such as Classical and Rock.Igor moved to Germany in 2012, to dive into Berlin vibrant jazz scene. He has attended prestigious Jazz Institute Berlin where he was studying with a renowned jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. Among his other teachers were John Hollenbeck, Greg Cohen, Kalle Kalima, Gerard Presencer, Geoffroy De Masure, Tino Derado, Guilherme Castro and Javier Reyes. During his studying Igor has also been awarded with Deutschlandstipendium and JIB-Jazz-Preis der Karl Hofer Gesellschaft 2015 (Bondarev/Osypov Quintet). Igor’s been playing concerts and taking part at festivals all over Europe both with his own band and as a sideman. He is not limited within the genres, but plays mostly jazz – although, all kinds of it.
Both his tunes and his playing tend to be really emotional and complex. The influences of highly raged musical interests made Igor’s music intellectually developed but still clear for all kinds of audience.
Shortly after arriving in Berlin, Igor founded his Quintet, featuring some of his favorite musicians from all over Europe and the USA. Since it’s inception, the Quintet has performed at festivals all around Europe. Has worked with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Logan Richardson’s SHIFT and Blues People, Nasheet Waits, Wanja Slavin, Greg Cohen and many others. In the summer of 2014, Igor Osypov recorded his debut CD with American saxophonist Logan Richardson, which came out in the spring of 2015 on Unit Records.
In spring of 2016 the second album entitled “Dream Delivery” came out on


Sa, 30. November
Alf Carlsson/Jiří Kotača Quartet at Donau115

Alf Carlsson – guitar;
Jiří Kotača – trumpet/flugelhorn;
Peter Korman – double bass;
Kristián Kuruc – drums;

The AC/JK quartet is a collaboration between guitarist Alf Carlsson and trumpet player Jiri Kotaca. Alf Carlsson, originally from Stockholm, Sweden, met Kotaca when studying music at Rotterdam music Conservatory in Holland. Jiri – living in Brno now, Czech republic, asked two of his brothers-in-arms slovakian drummer Kristian Kuruc and bassist Peter Korman to make the quartet full strength. The musical aim for the project is, with great integrity and respect for the jazz tradition, seek other paths than might be expected from a jazz quartet. With all the musicians meeting in a jazz context, the musical influences from the different parts of europe that which the members originates, can still be heard. The compositions are mostly originals with occasional dives into the standard repertoire. Memebers of quartet play in many projects as leaders or sidemen. For instance Matus Jakabcic big band, Cotatcha Orchestra, Tippan Phasuk, Lubomir Gašpar cymbal project or Heart of Dixie.ř%C3%AD-Kotača-Quartet-414293265622391/


So, 1. Dezember
Stille Kammer #8: Sewing machines, psych folk, Britten folksongs


December 1st we have an advent treat for y’all, another evening of exceptional, weird and exciting music, this time:

AGENTE COSTURA/BEN BROWN -sewing machine/percussion duo
Agente Costura is one of the most mesmerising acts performing in Berlin, the Brazilian artist and musician utilises an adapted sewing machine, feeding through synths, pedals and random noisemakers to create something fascinating and wonderful. Ben Brown will be joining her on percussion- the Canadian-born, recently arrived Berlin resident is already one of the finest drummers you will find, and we can’t wait to see what he will do in this stripped-back setting.

DIAMOND FAMILY ARCHIVE is the longtime psych folk project of british musician Laurence Collyer, we’re lucky to be able to bring him over from Devon to grace us with his hushed, lyrical, curious and beautiful compositions. “The atmosphere builds gradually, the sound rising and falling as the duo coax pulsing beats and a tidal ebb and flow of music… their songs shift like the seasons.” – Zero Tolerance

Ruby performed an amazing song at our Daniel Johnston tribute night, and then when Donau requested extra songs before closing, she blew us away with a performance of one of Benjamin Britten’s amazing folksong arrangements- so naturally we asked her back to perform a full set, accompanied by Emperor X, Hans Bilger, Sacred Harp Berlin, Markus Ehrlich, Jake Bellissimo and Rowan Coupland.

For those who don’t know Benjamin Britten, he’s one of the 20th century’s great composers, and probably the most notable from England, writing beautiful choral works, and indeed re-interpreting folksongs for the concert hall.