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Di, 7. Januar 2020 New Year’s Music
Mi, 8. Januar Graupe/Roder/Tom play Standards
Do, 9. Januar Cohen/ Forde/ Dinsdale Trio
Fr, 10. Januar Stille Kammer #9: japanese zither, indie harmony, digital dreams
Sa, 11. Januar Practically Married #23: New Year, Old Love
So, 12. Januar Lukas Akintaya Group

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Di, 7. Januar
2020 New Year’s Music – Nansea

timidly inaugurating a new decade with crude piano & guitar accompaniments of notorious tunes, buttering the path to new life and new sounds that have not yet known the joys of finding your senses

come to donau115 on tuesday, 7 january, for a solo show ♥


Mi, 8. Januar
Graupe/Roder/Tom play Standards

Ronny Graupe, Guitar
Jan Roder, Bass
Kasper Tom, Schlagzeug

Die Drei Musiker treffen sich um ihre Lieblingsstücke und präsentiert einen frischen Blick auf amerikanische Standards.

Ronny Graupe ist bekannt u.a. durch die Bands “Spoom” und “Hyperactive Kid”, Jan Roder ist seit langem in “Die Enttäuschung” aktiv und Kasper Tom, Bandleader in “FUSK” und mit Alexander von Schlippenbach.

Heute Abend beschäftigen sich die Musiker mit dem Great American Songbook.


Do, 9. Januar
Cohen/ Forde/ Dinsdale Trio

Greg Cohen,bass
Declan Forde, piano
Jordan Dinsdale, drums

A trio of familiar faces; Declan, Jordan and Greg come together for a special evening at Donau115 to Share their renditions of hand picked classics of the American Songbook.


Fr, 10. Januar
Stille Kammer #9: japanese zither, indie harmony, digital dreams

The first Stille Kammer of 2020, and the lineup is a stunner…

Lixue Lin-Siedler – Lin 凛- trained in both the Chinese Guzheng and the Japanese Koto. With a body of work spanning theatre music, traditional East Asian music, jazz and experimental improvisation, she brings a range of diverse influence to her instrument. With her collaborator- composer and double-bassist Marcel Siegel- they will be presenting their new single, two highly original musicians offering a fascinating sonic contrast.

MATCHING OUTFITS showcase the beguiling lyrical and compositional style of Swedish singer-songwriter Linnea Mårtensson – full of textural surprises, dry witticisms and wistful balladry, backed up by the sun-streaked harmonies of bandmates Rachel Glassberg and Leah Corper. Catchy and captivating in equal measure.

Glasgow-based producer and songwriter MICHAEL BLEACH makes a rare live appearance in Berlin by special invitation. Known for his songwriting collaborations with Lord Magpie and Kate and Nina Scott, and his producer credits with Ben Osborn, his own compositions are a wildly eclectic electronic palette grounded by yearning poetic lyrics and irresistible melodies.


Sa, 11. Januar
Practically Married #23: New Year, Old Love

Practically Married #23: New Year, Old Love

James Banner – Double Bass
Declan Forde – Piano

We are back, in duo! After months and months of special guests, we realised that no-one else really matters except us. So let’s celebrate the original twosome once more, at Donau115!

James and Declan have been ‘Practically Married’ since April 2015, a name proudly awarded to them due to their ability to spend time together almost every day with only minor frustrations, and the fact that they play almost every concert together.

Since 2015 they have collaborated with Vilde&Inga, Tobias Delius, John Hollenbeck, Max Andrzejewski, João Lopes Pereira, Eric Vaughn and many more, and have become a regular fixture on the Berlin swing dance scene, performing with Ugo Alunni and The Good Old Good Ones. They also perform as part of other acts including the award-winning Rachel Sermanni and James Banner’s USINE, and have performed sold out shows at Spiegesaal and Konzerthaus Berlin (with Fabiana Striffler and Mirna Bogdanovic) and Leeds Jazz Festival in 2018. Upcoming releases are planned for 2019 with Jordan Dinsdale & Will Howard (UK), as well as Toby Delius & Max Andrzejewski playing the music of Herbie Nichols.
Practically Married + João Lopes Pereira – Circus is available on Bandcamp.


So, 12. Januar
Lukas Akintaya Group

Uli Kempendorff – saxophone
Arne Braun – guitar
Felix Henkelhausen – bass
Lukas Akintaya – drums

Lukas Akintaya is a New York – based German/Nigerian drummer and composer. Currently pursuing his masters degree at the New York University (NYU) as a scholar of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Lukas has been involved in various genre transcending releases. This group features saxophonist Uli Kempendorff, guitarist Arne Braun and bassist Felix Henkelhausen and explores territories ranging from folkloristic influences over contemporary jazz and experimental electronic musics.

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Di, 14. Januar Two-Song Tuesday // OPEN MIC //
Mi, 15. Januar
BernsteinZimmer // Laure Boer // Gałgał
Do, 16. Januar MUTED #4 // Bogdanovic/Christl/Baumgärtner/Santner
Fr, 17. Januar Junit.3
Sa, 18. Januar Christoph Möckel Trio
So, 19. Januar Lined – the acoustic sessions