Donaustrasse 115, Berlin 12043 ... Öffnungszeiten: 19:30-0?:00


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Mittwoch, 06. Februar


Fabian Willmann – bass clarinet
Kristinn Smari Kristinsson – electric guitar
Luca Aaron – electric guitar

MINUAs music presents itself in constant alteration, always searching for a manifestation of this subtle beauty that could hide itself in a seemingly unimportant detail. Inspired by renaissance and impressionism, nordic folklore and chamber music, jazz and avant‐garde, the musicians act as one unit, dedicating themselves to the collective sound. The borders between improvisation and composition lose their relevance while the only focus lies on the flow of the music. In interaction with the room and the audience their music creates sound‐poems, moments in time that are fugacious and impossible to reproduce, therefore leaving a
permanent impression.

MINUAs Musik prasentiert sich offen und stets im Wandel, immer auf der Suche nach einer Manifestation dieser subtilen Schonheit, die sich einem unscheinbaren Detail verstecken kann. Inspiriert von Renaissance und Impressionismus, nordischer Folklore und Kammer‐ musik, Jazz und Avantgarde, verschmelzen die drei Musiker zu einer Einheit, ordnen jegliches Ego dem Gesamtklang unter.
Die Grenzen zwischen Improvisation und Komposition verlieren an
Bedeutung, unteilbare Aufmerksamkeit gilt dem Fluss der Musik, die Interaktion mit Raum und Zuhorer erzeugt Tongedichte; Momente, die verganglich und nicht reproduzierbar bleiben und vielleicht gerade deshalb bleibenden Eindruck hinterlassen.

photo: Lea Schmitt



Donnerstag, 07. Februar
Donau Conversations w/ Arditi / Adomeit / Ruppnig 


Tal Arditi – guitar
Matt Adomeit – bass
Mathias Ruppnig – drums

Donau Conversations is a monthly concert series presented by Berlin-based drummer Mathias Ruppnig. Each event will feature groups of varying styles and personnel, performing jazz standards, original music or free improvisation.

“For me, Donau115 is a place that allows new musical and personal friendships to form, as well as a place to experiment with innovative musical concepts in front of a respectful and attentive audience.“



Freitag, 08. Februar
Daniel Knox and Telesonic 9000




A hotel ghost clattering away on a dilapidated old piano in the lobby? A phantom organist, hiding behind the movie projector and disappearing into the notes just when you turn around to see where that broken music came from? Who knows! The only thing you can say for sure about Chicago songwriter and composer Daniel Knox is that he’s a nocturnal creature, a man who roams a city of dark corners and quiet beauty; a place not unlike Berlin, unstuck by time, where the lines between himself and the character driven personas of his music blur. From the snarling savagery of ‘Cut From The Belly’ to the unsettling joviality of the tongue-in-cheek ‘Man Is An Animal’ to the all-consuming heartache and irrational anger of “Chasescene”, Knox journeys into and out of the lives of the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly; telling tales both close to home and entirely other, stories that are otherwise untold.

In 2007 when David Lynch was touring the country with his film Inland Empire he asked for a local musician to play a piece which led to Knox composing a droning instrumental piece to perform in front of his idol – Lynch looming over him from the stage as he played. This was seen by musician and art director David Coulter (Tom Waits, Damon Albarn, Yoko Ono) who immediately flew Knox out for his ‘Plague Songs’ event at the Barbican Centre in London. There, Rufus Wainwright and The Handsome Family heard him play – both of whom Knox would later work with and lead to further collaboration with Andrew Bird, Thor Harris (Swans, Bill Callahan), Richard Buckner and more.

Twelve years later, Daniel Knox is still on the run through the music and the night. His journey brings him to us at Donau115. This one is not to be missed, get here early!



Samstag, 09. Februar
Practically Married #13: Unlucky for some 


Practically Married #13: Unlucky for some…
…luckily for you this month we will be playing some HOT SWINGING JAZZ with the wonderful UK based drummer Jordan Dinsdale.

Declan Forde – Piano
James Banner- Double Bass
Jordan Dinsdale – Drums

James and Declan have been ‘Practically Married’ since April 2015, a name proudly awarded to them due to their ability to spend time together almost every day with only minor frustrations, and the fact that they play almost every concert together.

Since 2015 they have collaborated with Vilde&Inga, Tobias Delius, John Hollenbeck, Max Andrzejewski, João Lopes Pereira, Eric Vaughn and many more, and have become a regular fixture on the Berlin swing dance scene, performing with Ugo Alunni and The Good Old Good Ones. They also perform as part of other acts including the award-winning Rachel Sermanni and James Banner’s USINE, and have performed sold out shows at Spiegesaal and Konzerthaus Berlin (with Fabiana Striffler and Mirna Bogdanovic) and Leeds Jazz Festival in 2018. Upcoming releases are planned for 2019 with Jordan Dinsdale & Will Howard (UK), as well as Toby Delius & Max Andrzejewski playing the music of Herbie Nichols.

They curate a monthly series at Berlin’s Donau115, named ‘one of the best jazz clubs in Europe’ by The Guardian, and released their first album ‘Circus’ featuring João Lopes Pereira in October 2018.






Mittwoch, 30. Januar
 SK#2- Only a Visitor/Laure Boer 


ONLY A VISITOR- Avant-pop, Vancouver Canada
Pianist/singer Robyn Jacob returns to Berlin to perform a rare solo concert. Since 2015 she has been performing with Only a Visitor (for those with long memories, she previously played in Berlin as Fist Full o’Snacks). Creating astonishing and beautiful piano alt pop in the vein of tUnE-yArDs, Björk, Dirty Projectors and Sufjan Stevens, her new album Technicolour Education is out this month, focusing on the Chinese diasporic experience in Vancouver through generations of immigrant stories, at first inspired by finding her great-grandfather’s head tax certificate from the 1920’s.

“uniqueness unlike anything brought to the Canadian music scene”

LAURE BOER – Witch rave/acoustic techno(France/Berlin)
“Hypnotic music. Mystical rituals. Loop folk. Witchtronic. ”
A one-woman psychadelic slow rave, improvised around folk instruments, odd percussion, and sometimes french lyrics and vox. It might turn into absolutely anything, but Boer’s unpredictable and bracing music is always enchanting.




Donnerstag, 31. Januar
 JZ Replacement feat. Zhenya Strigalev & Jamie Murray at Donau115 

JZ Replacement featuring Zhenya Strigalev and Jamie Murray (London)

JZ Replacement” is a high energy and intense newly formed project, having just successfully played the Love Supreme festival, appeared for three nights at the famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in August, just played in Berlin and Vienna as well as at London Jazz Festival and Porto Jazz Festival in Portugal. This is a fresh exhilarating vibe not to be missed! In December they had an extended tour in St Petersburg and Moscow. They are recording a new album in March. So, catch them live to hear some new tunes and grooves while they are fresh!

JZ Replacement is a very special project and different from Zhenya’s and Jamie’s other projects. They have lots of inspirations through their musical journeys and studies, and in this project they mix them to create an organic yet very original sound. Some people see their Indian influences, some Charlie Parker or Chris Dave. The focus here is create something very tight and precise (which is often not possible with bigger groups) while being totally free and creative. There are lots of heavy swinging grooves, complex melodies as well as just some catchy simple melodies which will please everybody (although that’s not the goal). And they may even RAP some Jay Z.

“…fascinatingly intense, winding and staccato performance – a real orchestrated duo…” – London Jazz News

“Always it’s a surreal, impressive brew” – ★★★★ Jazzwise

“Strigalev’s group could well be the next big thing in jazz.” ★★★★ All About Jazz

“A maverick at the heart of modern jazz.” ★★★★ The Telegraph




Freitag, 01. Februar
 Sprich Leise at Donau115 


Britta-Ann Flechsenhar – voc
Alexander Dannullis – git
Jan Roder – b
Michael Griener – dr

„……erst, als ihr bleicher Laib verfaulet war,
geschah es sehr langsam, dass Gott sie allmählich vergass…“

Zwei Zeilen aus der „Ballade vom Ertrunkenen Mädchen“, die den poetischen Brecht und den lyrischen Kurt Weill beleuchten. Und schon David Bowie zu einem bewegendem Falsett animierten.

„Das wäre ihr Mädchen, Herrr Jakob Schmidt. Wenn ihre Hüfte keinen Schwung hat, dann ist Ihr Geld Dreck aus Wellblech…“ – der krude Ton im Havanna Song.
Nun betritt das Berliner Ensemble das sattsam abgegraste Terrain.
Die Lesart von Britta-Ann Flechsenhar, Al Dannullis, Jan Roder und Michael Griener transportiert den Brecht/Weill’schen Kosmos in die Gegenwart. Das Treiben von toten Körpern gehört hier längst zum Alltagsgeschäft – warum das also larmoyant reanimieren.
Die 4 Musiker brauchen darauf keine Antwort. Sie nehmen sie stattdessen zum Anlass ihrer Kultur des freien Miteinanders.
Möglicherweise generieren sie dabei jenen Klang, den Brecht sich für seine Texte immer gewünscht hätte.




Freitag, 02. Februar
 KAYAN Project at Donau115 



Kayan Project spielt arabische, hebräische und englische Folk-Songs sowie eigene Lieder und mischt sie mit improvisatorischen Elementen. Die Performance wechselt Tempi, Genres und Sprachen und kombiniert Klänge und Rhythmen aus dem Nahen Osten und dem europäischen Westen. Durch alte Volksmelodien und Eigenkompositionen öffnet dieses Projekt eine Tür zu den inneren Welten der Musiker, die aus der gleichen Gegend stammen, jedoch sehr unterschiedliche musikalische Hintergründe mitbringen; Musiker, diegemeinsam auf der Bühne stehen, um ihre Geschichten und Gefühle durch Musik auszudrücken; Musiker, die eine neue Reise in sichselbst und mit dem Publikum antreten.

Kayan Project performs Arabic, Hebrew and English folk and original songs infused with improvisational elements. The performance swings between times, genres and languages, combining sounds and rhythms from the Middle East and the European West. The project opens a door, through old folk tunes and original songs, to the inner worlds of musicians coming from the same area with very different musical backgrounds; musicians who join on stage to communicate their stories and feelings through music; musicians who embark on new journeys inside themselves and with the audience.


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Mittwoch, 23. Januar
Eldar Tsalikov & Greg Cohen


Eldar Tsalikov – Saxophone
Greg Cohen – Double Bass

Eldar Tsalikov and Greg Cohen have been playing together since Hector was a pup.
Eldar is from Rostov on Don, Russia
Greg is from Los Angeles, California.
Both cities are located on the water, and it is this common thread that originally brought the two of them together.
Their 1st gig was playing underwater at the Oberhausen aquarium. The duo serenaded the baby harp seals with some serious jazz for 20 minutes before hypothermia set in. A short set – of some cool jazz!
Although they both work hard, it has been said that Eldar is the brains of the group.
And Greg, merely a pretty face.
Regardless, they put on a nice show.
They will be playing a medley of their hit.
Please join them for this reunion concert.
Although there music is mostly gentle, we suggest rinsing your ears after the 2nd set.

“Tsalikov & Cohen are the hottest thing since sliced bread!” – Little America Daily
“ In this duo, you will find two people” – Allenstein Review



Donnerstag, 24. Januar
 Das kleine Grusel


Conni Trieder – Querflöten
Yannis Anft – Klavier
Conrad Noll – Kontrabass
Dominik Mahnig – Schlagzeug


Das Programm umfasst Stücke von Tom Waits, Kurt Weill, Hanns Eisler, Filmmusiktitel aus alten Horrorfilmen und Eigenkompositionen.

Das Kleine Grusel empört sich über die Unzulänglichkeit menschlichen Strebens, stellt sich verschiedenster Eventualitäten; lässt die Toten eine schauerliche Polka auf den Gräbern tanzen; haucht als zarte Rosemary ihrem Teufelchen ein Wiegenlied und begleitet Sarah bei ihrer verhängnisvollen Lieblingsbeschäftigung, dem Baden. Messerschneidig wagt sich Das Kleine Grusel von Tom Waits über Tschaikowski hin zu einer pulsieren Eigenkomposition. Es entsteht ein geheuerliches (sic!) Klangpanorama von lieblicher Süßholzmelodie bis zur haarsträubenden Geräuschgrätsche; von wonnewohliger Honigmilch bis stotterndem Hackfleisch. Arrangierte Parts wechseln sich mit Soli, Kompositionen mit freier Improvisation ab. Gerade in den Gegensätzen liegt die Spielfreude und die Kraft dieser Combo und dieses liebevoll ausgewählten Programms.

“ein akustischer Leckerbissen voller schaurig-schöner Momente” Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

“ein ungeheuerliches Klangpanorama zieht ein: Die Band Das Kleine Grusel.” Frizz Magazin



Freitag, 25. Januar
 Andi Haberl meets Richard Koch


Andi Haberl – Schlagzeug
Richard Koch – Trompete

Richard und Andi lernten sich 2010 im Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra kennen und konnten seitdem viele schöne Konzerterfahrungen u.a. in Malawi, auf dem Elbjazz Festival oder Roskilde miteinander teilen.

Die beiden sind Freunde, Nachbarn und verstehen sich auch musikalisch sehr gut. Besonders gerne spielen sie frei. Auch heute Abend wird es wieder spannend mit den beiden.



Freitag, 26. Januar
 Fritz Moshammer Perspektive


Mirna Bogdanovic – Gesang
Fritz Moshammer – Trompete
Arne Braun – Gitarre
Paul Kleber – Bass
Fabian Rösch – Drums

Happy-Travel-Weltreisemusik – Fritz Moshammers Perspektive will das Gegenteil sein. Sie ist eine Einladung Wurzeln zu schlagen, und sei es nur für die Länge eines Songs. Eine Ermunterung ins

Detail zu gehen. Feine Muster in der groben Körnung von geraden Beats und hellwach ersonnene Melodien entdecken. Eine Trompete singt und eine Stimme spielt, manchmal erzählt ein Text von einer inneren Reise. Begleitet von hier schmeichelnder, dort grotesker Gitarre, wenig gewalktem Bass und eigensinnigem, klischeefreiem Rhythmusfundament.
Die fünf Musiker tragen ihre Perspektiven aus aller Welt in den Schmelztiegel Berlin.

DIESE WOCHE: 16.-19. JANUAR 2019


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Mittwoch, 16. Januar


Laura Schuler – Violine
Luzius Schuler – Piano
Lisa Hoppe – Kontrabass

Laura Schuler (Violine), Luzius Schuler (Piano) und Lisa Hoppe (Kontrabass) bilden zusammen das kammermusikalisch-improvisierende Trio Esche. Die Band mit der ungewöhnlichen Instrumentation bewegt sich im Grenzgebiet zwischen Jazz und improvisierter Musik und verarbeitet Einflüsse von nordischer Folklore sowie europäischer Kunstmusik.

Seit 2014 tourt Esche regelmäßig in der Schweiz, Deutschland und Skandinavien (u.a. Aarhus Jazz Festival, BeJazz Bern, Cully Jazz Festival, KlangBasel, Golem Hamburg) und wurde für das Suisse Diagonales Festival 2017 ausgewählt. 2016 erschien ihr Debüt „Leiser Protest“ (morpheus records), welchem im März 2018 das zweite Album „Der Dichter Spricht“ (QFTF) gefolgt ist.


Donnerstag, 17. Januar
Practically Married


Cansu Tanrıkulu – Voice/Electronics
Declan Forde – Piano
Arne Braun – Guitar
James Banner – Double Bass/Composition
Max Andrzejewski – Drums–oLy0PDAz4

When will they say yes? Maybe this year? We’re looking forward to another year with those two amazing musicians at Donau115 !

For the first instalment of 2019, Declan signs over all his rights for one night only to present James Banner’s USINE, presenting material from their first album and new pieces, ahead of their tour of Germany and the UK in February/March

James Banner’s USINE is 45 minutes of unobvious and unpredictable music, created thanks to artists connected by an invisible but at the same time noticeable thread of unbounded agreement – Robert Ratajczak, LongPlay



Freitag, 18. Januar
Thijs de Klijn Quintet


Olga Amelchenko – Alto Saxophone
Musina Ebobissé – Tenor Saxophone
Thomas Kolarczyk – Double Bass
Quentin Cholet – Drums

In March of 2018 Thijs de Klijn Quintet released ‘Factotum’, which is a synonym for ‘Jack of all trades’ but literally means ‘do everything’. While doing everything on a recording is impossible, Thijs de Klijn Quintet certainly covers a lot on their debut album. They move between African grooves, free jazz, swing and rock, and go anywhere else they want to go. The compositions are all originals by Thijs de Klijn written for his favourite musicians he met while living in Berlin. With titles such as ‘Nieuwegracht’ and ‘De Werf’ they touch base in hometown Utrecht too.

At this concert the quintet will play compositions from ‘Factotum’ and new ones as well.


Samstag, 19. Januar
Karl Marx Sound System 


Ben Osborne
Rowan Coupland
Rachel Margetts
Chad Matheny

A free-form night of songs, ambient jams, harps, ye olde musick, and ye neue musik! These four solo performers will bring two sets of collaborative projects. After the show, a quiet but enveloping down-tempo collab DJ set will smooth out the bleary edges of the evening.

DIESE WOCHE: 09. – 12. JANUAR 2019


Mittwoch, 09. Januar

Silvan Schmid (CH) – Trumpet
Jedrzej Lagodzinski (PL/DK) – Tenor Saxophone
Nataniel Edelman (ARG) – Piano
Max Santner (AT/DE) – Drums

Live at BeJazz Bern:
Live at Moods Zürich:

HUM is a collaborative quartet of creative and improvisational music founded in the year 2016. The essence of the group is the dynamism between it’s multicultural background and a unified, strong, common vision of collective improvisation.

It is formed by Jędrzej Łagodziński from Poland on tenor saxophone, Silvan Schmid from Switzerland on trumpet, Nataniel Edelman from Argentina on piano and Max Santner from Austria on drums. Each of these musicians is highly active on each of their local scenes (Berlin, Zurich, Copenhagen and Buenos Aires) and from the moment they met the mutual communion was instant.

On the year 2018 HUM was selected to participate in the BeJazz Transnational Festival in Bern, triggering a European Tour that consisted of eleven concerts in Poland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria. The music consisted of compositions of each of the members of the band, reorganized and arranged collectively for the group aesthetics, which is providing certain written ideas to create the best environment for the unknown, thus making each concert different by changing the order of the pieces or the feel with which they were interpreted.

After winning the Transnational Festival the band was asked to play in the Winter Jazz Festival in Bern 2019 enabling a second european tour. Also a South American tour is on the books for November 2019. The band recorded live at BeJazz Bern in March 2018 and the material is about to be released in Fall 2019.


Donnerstag, 10. Januar
Mark Pringle Group

Sölvi Kolbeinsson – Alto Saxophone
Jonas Engel – Alto Saxophone
Arne Braun – Guitar
Mark Pringle – Piano/compositions
James Banner – Double Bass
Tristan Renfrow – Drums

Mark Pringle first brought this group of international musicians together for his Masters Abschlusskonzert at the Jazz-Institut Berlin last year. Each member brings a distinctive voice to the band, exploring music written by Mark about/inspired by dawn wind, folk melodies, gamelan, spruces, blues, rain, tea, clean shoes, windmills and more…


Freitag, 11. Januar

Uli Kempendorff – tenorsax/bassclarinet
Asger Nissen – Alto sax
Julius Windisch – Piano/comp
Roz McDonald – Bass
Fabian Rösch – drums

Die Band Calamaris spielt Songs aus der Feder von Julius Windisch oder anderen Komponisten, die nicht auf der Bühne zu sehen sind. Es geht darum gute handgemachte Musik zu spielen, Risiken einzugehen und gemeinsam etwas im Moment zu kreieren.

Photo by


Samstag, 12. Januar
Donau Conversations w/ Bondarev/ Lanzoni/ Berkmann/ Ruppnig

Donau Conversations w/ Bondarev / Lanzoni / Berkmann / Ruppnig

Dima Bondarev – trumpet
Alessandro Lanzoni – piano
Tom Berkmann – bass
Mathias Ruppnig – drums

Donau Conversations is a monthly concert series presented by Berlin-based drummer Mathias Ruppnig. Each event will feature groups of varying styles and personnel, performing jazz standards, original music or free improvisation.

“For me, Donau115 is a place that allows new musical and personal friendships to form, as well as a place to experiment with innovative musical concepts in front of a respectful and attentive audience.“

DIESE WOCHE: 03. – 05. JAN 2019


Donnerstag, 03. Januar
Gille / Kaufmann / Westergaard / Steidle

Sebastian Gille · Sopran- & Tenorsaxophon
Achim Kaufmann · Klavier
Jonas Westergaard · Kontrabass
Oli Steidle · Schlagzeug

Für dieses Konzert haben sich vier international anerkannte Solisten zusammen getan (Neuer dt Jazzpreis, SWR Jazzpreis, Albert Mangelsdorff Preis, Preis der dt Schallplattenkritik, etc.), um dem Spaß am Musizieren – ohne Netz und doppeltem Boden – zu frönen. Sie kennen sich seit Jahren aus unterschiedlichen Formationen – haben in dieser Konstellation allerdings noch nicht zusammengespielt.
Solch „erste“ Treffen sind immer von besonderer Konzentration geprägt – man wird das knistern spüren!

Ihre Erfahrungen mit den unterschiedlichsten Herangehensweisen an die improvisierte Musik und der daraus resultierende Fundus an Möglichkeiten jedes einzelnen, versprechen einen spannenden, Abend umfassenden Bogen, mit ungewöhnlichen Pfaden und Wendungen. Spontan, beweglich, mit riesigen Ohren für den anderen – 100 Prozent Improvisation!


Freitag, 04. Januar
Rößeler / Werner / Griese

Antje Rößeler (p)
Sidney Werner (b)
Leon Griese (dr)

Das Trio spielt eigenwillig phantasievolle und mitunter bildhafte
Eigenkompositionen, welche vor allem Antje Rößeler’s Ideen entspringen. In ihren Kompositionen scheinen unverkennbar klassische Klänge hervor, angereichert durch den Skandinavischen Einfluss ihres „Nordic Master of Jazz“ – Studiums.

Die 3 Ur-Berliner Musiker haben ein Zusammenspiel entwickelt, welches, ergänzt durch freie Improvisationen, sich nicht scheut die eigenen Stücke in jedem Moment des Erklingens neu zu entdecken. Gemeinsam verschmelzen die scheinbar unabhängig voneinander agierenden Instrumente zu einer Klangarchitektur, die jeden Raum in seiner Gänze auszufüllen vermag.

Antje Rößeler comes from a classical-musician family in Berlin, and in here compositions, mostly for jazz-trio with bass and drums, you will clearly here that influence shining through. But since her
early youth she is exploring the jazz world, without fearing the chaos. She enjoys the possibility to connect own pieces with jazz-standards and free improvisation. Antje studied jazz-piano at the HfM Dresden and in the „Nordic Master of Jazz“ in Helsinki,
Stockholm and Århus.


Samstag, 05. Januar
Markus Ehrlich – Carte Blanche

Saxophonist und Donau-Urgestein Markus Ehrlich gestaltet diesen besonderen Konzert-Abend, aber ganz sicher nicht alleine!



Noch eine Woche, dann geht es ab in die Winterpause. Am 3. Januar sind wir aber schon wieder zurück.

Eine schöne Weihnachtszeit und gutes Silvestergeknall wünschen wir euch allen!
Wir sehen (und hören) uns im neuen Jahr!

Dienstag, 18. Dez
ALLE GUTEN WAREN TOD von Grasimo Bekas
mit Musik von Paul Santner

Die Donaureihe “Heute kein Jazz”, unser Lesungsformat an der Schnittstelle text.klang.musik meldet sich vorm Jahresende mit einem Weihnachtsgeschenk zurück:
ALLE GUTEN WAREN TOT von Gerasimos Bekas, bei Rowohlt jüngst erschienen, szenisch gelesen von ihm selbst und zwei SchauspielerInnen, musikalisch begleitet von Paul Santner.

Aris fristet sein tragisch-komisches Dasein in Würzburg als Altenpfleger und sensibler Trinker bis eine seiner Patientinnen ihm einen rätselhaften Auftrag erteilt für den er nach Athen reisen soll. Durch eine Wirrnis von unterschiedlichsten Ressentiments, kuriosen Meinungen und Lebensentwürfen kämpft sich seinen Weg des “passiven Widerstands” und gerät, ohne es wirklich zu wollen, immer näher an die Geschichte seiner eigenen Herkunft. Und die reicht zurück bis zum Kampf der Griechen gegen die deutschen Besatzer.

Lesende: Gerasimos Bekas, Olivia Montero, Leon Stiehl
Musik / Sound: Paul Santner

Mittwoch, 19. Dez
Benjmin Geyer / Bernsteinzimmer
&Special Guest

Benjamin Geyer studierte Jazz Piano und Komposition an der UdK / JazzInstitut Berlin / Trondheim Jazz NTNU mit Tino Derado, Prof. John Hollenbeck and Prof. Greg Cohen, Eirik Hegdal, Espen Berg u.a.. Eigene Kompositionen und Arrangements waren schon während seines Studiums ein wichtiger Teil seines künstlerischen Schaffens. Seit 2010 tourte Benjamin bereits mit diversen Bands wie Tom Schilling and the Jazz Kids, Out Of Nations, Flying Cakes, Mononoke, Olympic Orchestra (u.a.) durch ganz Europa und fand in seiner Wahlheimat Berlin seine Basis für kreatives Schaffen.
Nun stellt er sein neuestes Solo Projekt BernsteinZimmer exklusiv in der Donau115 vor.
Die Musik erinnert an eine Mischung zwischen Ólafur Arnalds, The Gaslamp Killer, Anna Meredith, Floating Points, Nils Frahm bis hin zu technoiden Elementen.

Als special guest lädt Benjamin Tabea Schrenk (Cello) ein.


Benjamin Geyer studied Jazz Piano and Composition at the UdK (Berlin)/ Jazz Institut Berlin / Trondheim Jazz NTNU with Tino Derado, Prof. John Hollenbeck and Prof. Greg Cohen, Eirik Hegdal, Espen Berg (among others). Writing his own music and arrangements was already at the beginning of his career as a musician an important issue. Since 2010 Benjamin was touring throughout Europe with different Bands like Tom Schilling and the Jazz Kids, Out Of Nations, Flying Cakes, Mononoke, Olympic Orchestra and found in his chosen home Berlin his base for creativity.
Now its time to introduce his first Solo project “BernsteinZimmer” at the legendary Donau115.
The Music reminds of a mix between Ólafur Arnalds, The Gaslamp Killer, Anna Meredith, Floating Points, Nils Frahm until Technoid elements

The special guest will be Tabea Schrenk (Cello)

Benjamin Geyer – piano, synths, effects
Tabea Schrenk – Cello

Foto by Ni Ka

20.30 show

Tabea Schrenk studied cello and Baroque cello in Berlin, Helsinki, London and Cardiff and completed her Masters with honours. She was an academic at the Welsh National Opera and BBC NOW. Since 2013 she has been living and working back in her hometown of Berlin.

Tabea has been honoured as a violoncellist and chamber musician several times, receiving prizes from the Bach Solo competition in London, the Alice Samter Wettbewerb and the international Johann Sebastian Bach Competition in Berlin, amongst others. She has also been supported by the Royal Piano Trio Society UK and the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft.

Donnerstag, 20. Dez
Fabiana Striffler Trio Release


Fabiana Striffler – violin/composition
Friederike Merz – voice/guitar
Johannes von Ballestrem – piano/guitar

“Solche Lieder würde Gustav Mahler vielleicht komponieren, hätte ihn eine Zeitmaschine ins frühe 21. Jahrhundert katapultiert…” Concerto (A) 2018-10

“Sweet And So Solitary”
Is called the new album that the Trio just released on Traumton/Indigo.

“Fabiana is one of the most exciting violinists to emerge onto the jazz scene in years! Her playing is the perfect combination of soulfulness, surprise, a beautiful sound and great technique!
I look forward to listening to every one of her musical adventures.”
New York, Ken Peplowski

Freitag, 21. Dez
Mirna Bogdanović Group

Mirna Bogdanović – voice
Dora Osterloh – voice
Pauline Peek – voice
Wanja Slavin – alto saxophone
Felix Henkelhausen – double bass
Povel Widestrand – piano
Fabian Rösch – drums
Arne Braun – guitar

Mirna Bogdanović is a Slovenian jazz singer-songwriter based in Berlin. Former member of The German National Jazz Orchestra (BuJazzO) and Downbeat winner has graduated from the Jazz Institute Berlin in the class of Judy Niemack, Greg Cohen and Kurt Rosenwinkel.

Mirna is an active member of the Berlin Jazz scene, and a part of various jazz projects as a singer and composer. This year’s scholar of the prestigious Elsa Neumann scholarship (NaFög), is going to the studio in March, to record her debut album – the program of which you will hear on this very occasion at Donau115.

A group of renowned musicians will perform Mirna’s compositions and arrangements dedicated to discovering possibilities and broadening the horizons of the voice and vocal group in a modern jazz context.

Samstag, 22. Dez
Osypov / Ludescher / Berkmann / Ruppnig

Das letzte Konzert in der Donau für dieses Jahr!
The last concert at Donau115 in 2018!!!

come hang!

Igor Osypov – git
Bernhard Ludescher – piano/synths
Tom Berkmann – electric bass
Mathias Ruppnig – drums

We are going to play some original music of each of us in a more electrified setup. It’s been a great year for Donau115! So come celebrate the last concert in 2018 with us. ♥